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Hello ladies. Are you engaged to be married? Isn't it an amazing feeling? Let's talk about ideas for the ceremony, invitations, flowers, hair, bridal showers, special touches, DRESSES, how to stay in shape for the big day, and everything else having to do with planng our wedding.

Just engaged! Now, how do I keep my ring clean?

Posted By smilinfox on May 6, 2007 at 11:51AM

I'm super excited because I just got engaged 2 days ago! I *LOVE* my ring and want to keep it sparkly and as clean as it was when I first got it. But, unfortunately I've had trouble finding good advice online about how to clean my ring. Should I just wash it in a gentle warm water and Ivory soap solution with a soft-brush toothbrush? What about ultra-sonic jewelry cleaning machines - that seems like an easy way to go but could they damage the ring and the setting?

Any advice is much appreciated!

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