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Hello ladies. Are you engaged to be married? Isn't it an amazing feeling? Let's talk about ideas for the ceremony, invitations, flowers, hair, bridal showers, special touches, DRESSES, how to stay in shape for the big day, and everything else having to do with planng our wedding.

The Honeymoon's Over: How To Organize Your New Couple's Closet

Posted By Fashion on Jul 16, 2007 at 4:15PM

If you're a traditional gal, chances are you won't move in with your husband-to-be until he is, well, your husband! Not to burst your lovey-dovey bubble, but getting hitched and living together means sharing a closet - gasp! For any gal who loves, and is overly protective over her clothes (guilty), this reality is a downright scary one. But don't go reconsidering your commitment now; I've got some solutions to ease your closet-sharing fears. As for setting up your new kitchen? Let Yumsugar guide you!

  • Since you'll possibly be moving your clothes into a new one, it's the perfect time to get rid of stuff you haven't worn in over a year. Honestly, if you haven't worn it in that long, you probably don't love it anymore. Plus, it'll give you a reason to buy new stuff to fill up your new wardrobe!
  • Ah, color coordinating - I love it! Since menswear-inspired clothing is so in, you don't want to run the risk of mixing your clothes up with your hubby. My solution? Color code your entire wardrobe. Start with dark colors (black, navy blue); then move on to neutrals (white, creme, heather grey); finally, get into the colors (fuchsia, orange, yellow). I like to create a little closet rainbow!
  • There's nothing like hanging your lovely clothes on pretty and scented hangers! Buy a bunch and you'll be able to keep your section of the closet ultra feminine.
  • To see more closet-sharing tips,

  • Speaking of scented things, perfumed drawer papers are great for keeping your lingerie smelling fresh. Wink.
  • Investing in a big jewelry chest is a must because you don't want your hubbie messing with your gorgeous bling pieces. To keep it out of his way, keep it on your dresser.
  • You can barely count how many handbags you own. It's OK - that's why buying a hanging purse organizer is useful. If your hubby finds your purses lying on the floor, he won't get that you and your bags are inseparable. And if that happens, you won't be able to defend yourself when buy that new bag to have.
  • Drawer nooks are a great way to divide your undies and socks and to keep things nice and tidy.
  • Finally, get some hanger tags that let you know how many times you've worn your clothes. That way, you don't over-wash, and in turn, ruin, your clothes!
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