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Hello ladies. Are you engaged to be married? Isn't it an amazing feeling? Let's talk about ideas for the ceremony, invitations, flowers, hair, bridal showers, special touches, DRESSES, how to stay in shape for the big day, and everything else having to do with planng our wedding.

Great TV Engagements: "Scrubs"

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 28, 2007 at 5:03AM

Every day this week, in honor of Engagement Week on the Sugar Network, I'll be featuring my favorite TV engagements, for better or for worse.

Turk didn't exactly get the reaction he was hoping for when he first proposed to Carla during the second season of "Scrubs." She wouldn't give him an answer, so he resolved to keep asking her to marry him every time he saw her. He tried public displays of affection, attempted to prove his maturity, and swore he wasn't like other doctors, but he still wasn't getting anywhere. Finally, as he was about to give up, Carla called. To see Turk's strike-outs — and one ultimate hit — read more

Get Beautiful For The Big Day, Part I: Six Months To Go!

Posted By Beauty on Mar 27, 2007 at 4:11PM

Congratulations to the blushing bride! With all there is to plan and think about, you mustn't forget to take care of yourself. You will want to look and feel your very best on this special day! I have compiled a checklist with a loose time line of all things beauty so that you can prepare, schedule and prioritize everything from buffing to bronzing!

This first installment will focus on what you'll need to do to get ready six months or more before the big day. We wouldn't want to leave any stones unturned now would we? You're going to be simply gorgeous dahling!

To read about the necessary beauty preparations you'll need to explore six months or more before the wedding, read more

Boucheron Les Fiances Engagement Ring: Love It or Hate It?

Posted By Beauty on Mar 27, 2007 at 2:33PM

I've really got to hand it to Boucheron for being so daring, decadent and creative with their Les Fiances Engagement Ring!

The setting is made from white gold and is crafted in the shape of a human hand. Since it is engagement week, I thought I'd share this unique ring with you.

The ring is available exclusively in Boucheron stores worldwide and the cost depends on the size of the diamond you choose.

How do you feel about it? Would you be excited or totally disappointed if your boyfriend proposed with this ring in hand?

To post your selections go to the Love It or Hate It? group. And if you want to learn how to do a blog post click here.


Come Party With Me: Engagement Party - Menu (Part 3)

Posted By partysugar on Mar 27, 2007 at 2:22PM

An engagement party is often thrown to announce the forthcoming marriage of a couple, and in my case, the arrival of Wedding Season on the Sugar Network. The creative juices are flowing and I'm pulling out all of the stops for the most fabulous party yet: a dessert party. The elegant invites set the tone for an extravagant menu full of sweet treats: chocolate brownie cupcakes, salty almond chocolate bark, creamy mini cheesecakes, and tart strawberry shortcakes. Sounds like a pretty complete menu, right? Wrong! What about those people who don't like desserts (I know, hard to believe, but they do exist!)? What will the hostess with the mostess serve them? A simple (seriously this involves no baking or cooking) cheese and fruit platter. To see how to arrange one, read more

Great TV Engagements: "Gilmore Girls"

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 27, 2007 at 1:25PM

Every day this week, in honor of Engagement Week on the Sugar Network, I'll be featuring my favorite TV engagements, for better or for worse.

I can't think of another TV show in recent history with as many marriage proposals as "Gilmore Girls." One YouTube user even made a video compiling eight of them: Max and Lorelai with the yellow daisies, Chris and Lorelai in Paris, Zach and Lane in the diner ... the list goes on.

But my favorite's got to be Lorelai's sudden proposal to Luke at the end of Season 5, even though they aren't together anymore (at least, not yet). Lorelai has spent most of the episode trying to figure out what to do about her daughter, who has just gotten arrested and dropped out of Yale. Luke manages to say all the right things, so to see what happens, read more

Websites To Help You Plan A Wedding

Posted By Tech on Mar 27, 2007 at 1:01PM

So you made it through the engagement and now everyone is asking 'when is the big day?' No need to get stressed out, because with the help of the Internet, you can be an expert wedding planner- right from the comfort of your own home! There are thousands of wedding websites online with great reference tools, checklists and info to help you get your planning started. I've compiled a few of my favorites below for you to explore. Enjoy and happy planning!

  • ewedding.com If you are wanting to create your own wedding website, ewedding allows you to sign up for a free wedding website, add content to any beautiful theme and share your website. You can also have online RSVP, collect best wishes in your own guestbook, upload unlimited photos, post events, dates, directions and much more.
  • The Knot.com The Knot can be your very own personal wedding planner. Feeling overwhelmed about planning preparations? The Knot will help you get organized so planning won't be a daunting task. With a checklist to get you started and an extensive amount of search tools, The Knot will help you step by step. There is also an online community so you can get advice and tips from others about their big day!
  • Wedding Channel.com If you just got engaged, the Wedding Channel will give you all the assistance you need to plan your dream wedding. With answers to all your wedding questions, this site includes free planning tools such as wedding website info, a planning checklist, a budget calculator, a guest list manager, a scrapbook and a save the date option. The Wedding Channel also provides some free templates for creating a wedding website.
  • For two more sites, read more

The How-To Lounge: Choosing your Wedding Party

Posted By DearSugar on Mar 27, 2007 at 9:30AM

Choosing your wedding party sure can be a daunting task. While it would be nice to have all your friends and family stand up for you on your special day, a large wedding party is bound to take away from the bride and groom. Check out my tips on how to choose your wedding party.

Click here to read more

Wedding Registry 101: Drinkware

Posted By Food on Mar 27, 2007 at 6:58AM

Yesterday I kicked off our wedding registry pointers with some tips on selecting dinnerware. Today I thought we'd jump from dinnerware to drinkware.

Traditionally you should consider registering for everyday glassware, as well as fine crystal and barware. However every couple is unique so go with what suits your needs. If you entertain a lot, you may want a full set of barware, if you don't drink then there's no need. Just don't limit yourself in registry items due to space, from what I understand, once you have the goods, you'll find room for everything. On the flip side, don't register for everything just because you can. Take into consideration what you really want and the number of people who will be attending your wedding.

To check out tips on how to select drinkware, and what you should add to your registry, read more

You Asked: Can I Say No to Being Her Bridesmaid?

Posted By DearSugar on Mar 27, 2007 at 6:00AM

Dear Sugar
I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a new friend's wedding. We are not all that close and I was completely taken aback when she asked me to do her this honor. I don't know many of her friends and don't know anyone else in the wedding party. While I am incredibly flattered and truly enjoy my new friendship with this girl, I am not interested in saying yes. Is there a polite way to decline such an offer? --Refraining Reenie

To see DEARSUGAR's answer read more

Come Party With Me: Engagement Party - Menu

Posted By partysugar on Mar 27, 2007 at 5:59AM

Wedding season has finally arrived, and to celebrate I'm planning an engagement party. While I was making the invitations, I spent a lot of time wondering what kind of an event it should be: an afternoon cocktail versus a sit down dinner versus a Sunday brunch? I wanted to do something different than your typical expected, everyday engagement party and suddenly it hit me: a dessert party! A dessert party is the perfect type of fiesta to embrace and honor the upcoming marriage of a young couple. It's less formal and easier for the hostess than dinner, and besides cocktail parties are expected so surprise guests with a decadent dessert buffet. Bite sized desserts are elegant and tasty and to ensure that the host/hostess doesn't spend all night scooping ice cream or cutting slices of pie and cake, all of the dishes should be small, portable finger foods. I'll be highlighting the recipes throughout the day so be sure to check back later for all of the delectable desserts. You can't have a dessert buffet without chocolate, to check out my chocolate recipes, read more