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Hello ladies. Are you engaged to be married? Isn't it an amazing feeling? Let's talk about ideas for the ceremony, invitations, flowers, hair, bridal showers, special touches, DRESSES, how to stay in shape for the big day, and everything else having to do with planng our wedding.

Great TV Engagements: A Real Proposal During "Veronica Mars"

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 30, 2007 at 9:48AM

Every day this week, in honor of Engagement Week on the Sugar Network, I've been featuring my favorite TV engagements, for better or for worse. For my last installment, I have a special, uh, treat: a real-life proposal that aired in February during one woman's favorite show, "Veronica Mars."

Originally, this guy Rand Fishkin wanted to buy time during the Super Bowl, when gazillions of Americans could share in his not-so-intimate moment. He campaigned to earn the money on his website, MySuperProposal.com, touting it as "the most public declaration of love in the history of mankind." It kind of seems like he's more into the "public declaration" than the "love" part, but it's still cute ... I guess? Anyway, he couldn't raise enough money for the Super Bowl to honor his Tom Cruise-ishly public affection, so instead he popped the question to his beloved Geraldine DeRuiter during "Veronica Mars."

I think the whole thing is sort of sweet but also a little gross and attention-grabby, so tell me what you think. You can see Rand's proposal and Geraldine's long, awkward-to-watch reaction when you read more

Come Party With Me: Engagement Party - Music

Posted By partysugar on Mar 30, 2007 at 6:55AM

Well I've just about wrapped up the party plan for julieulie and Scott's engagement party (Julie: you still haven't told me the story of how you got engaged!). The event is being held later in the evening because it's a dessert party where sparkling wine will be poured freely and desserts will be decadently divine. The invitees have rsvped, the desserts - including the couples favorites - have been chosen, the drinks are waiting to be chilled, and the fiesta space is looking decorative. But before I give the green light to this party there is one more thing to worry about: the music! An elegant engagement party that sets the tone of the upcoming wedding must have an equally sophisticated soundtrack. To see my playlist, read more

This Season's Crazy TV Engagements: Where Are They Now?

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 30, 2007 at 6:00AM

During one wild week in January, four different couples from my favorite TV shows got engaged. It's been a while now, so in honor of Engagement Week, I thought I'd check back in on those crazy kids to see how they're doing now.

George and Callie, "Grey's Anatomy"

This was the proposal you thought was the most ridiculous. Things started off OK for the pair, who eloped to Vegas, but their return to Seattle Grace wasn't so smooth. George realized he didn't know Callie that well and started to doubt his decision; Callie grew frustrated with George always succumbing to the opinions of his "weird and judgy friends." After a blowout fight, George slept with his best friend, and now they've sworn to keep it a secret from Callie. Something tells me this isn't going to end well.

To see the other three, read more

Get Ready To Shop For Your Wedding Day!

Posted By Fashion on Mar 29, 2007 at 4:55PM

Now that bella has prepared you to get beautiful for your big day, I'm going to help you shop! Yay! You may have twelve months or three months to shop, so hopefully we can help. Here is a checklist and preview of what is to come on FabSugar for wedding season.


To see my Fab wedding shopping guide, read more

Big Ticket Wedding Registry Items

Posted By Tech on Mar 29, 2007 at 4:08PM

With wedding season upon us, many of you will be spending time searching online registries for the perfect gift. Wedding registries often include items ranging in price so family members and friends have many options to fit their budget. High ticket items often include electronics such as camcorders, televisions, DVD players and cameras. If you're creating a registry and want to include some reasonably priced tech gadgets, I've compiled a few of my favorites below. These suggestions may also be helpful for those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for a close family member.

Television: Samsung SlimFit TX-S2782H
The Samsung 27" SlimFit HDTV is an all around great television. This high definition TV has exceptional clarity and color, includes surround sound and its sleek design makes it the perfect fit for any room. Priced at $460 from Samsung.

Camcorder: Sony DCR-DVD308 Handycam
This Sony camcorder is something all newlyweds will appreciate. What's unique about this camera is its ability to record directly to a DVD during taping so you don't have to do it later. You can also transfer your footage to your computer with a USB cord so you can quickly upload online. This Sony cam includes a large 2.7" wide touch LCD monitor for easy viewing and navigation. With a price tag of $500, you're definitely getting a bang for your buck. To purchase and for more info, go to Sony Style.

Digital Camera: Canon PowerShot SD700
Priced at $300, this digital cam by Canon is the perfect wedding gift to give. With six megapixels and a high resolution option, this cam can produce up to 14 x 19 inch prints. You can also take short film clips for those memorable moments. Go to Amazon online for more product info.

Wondering where you can register for these items? Check out my registry guide.

What Is Your Ideal Romantic Meal?

Posted By partysugar on Mar 29, 2007 at 10:55AM

I was just reading all of the fabulous engagement stories over on DearSugar and it got me daydreaming about candlelit dinners, beach-side lunches, and breakfasts in bed. I am a huge fan of romantic meals in every shape and form. My last boyfriend was a soccer player and he had practice every night which allowed me to prepare surprise lovey-dovey dinners for him as often as once a week. Still it's always wonderful to go someplace insanely romantic and enjoy a delicious meal as well as each other's company. So in honor of engagement week, what is your ideal romantic meal?

Get Ready for Your Engagement Portrait

Posted By Fitness on Mar 29, 2007 at 10:15AM

Now that you're engaged you probably have a lot going on. Many brides and grooms opt to take an engagement portrait to commemorate the occasion or maybe it's part of your photographer's package... Nonetheless, you're going to want to look good.

Being that most people take their engagement photos well before the wedding you may not have had as much time to really tone up but there are a few things you can do to make sure you're looking like a dazzling bride-to-be in the pic:

  • Sleep: Sounds crazy to remind you to sleep but with all the stuff you have on your plate, sleep may come secondary to planning. Sleep can help boost your immune system. You'll look (and feel better) after getting the recommended eight hours. Besides, nothing kills an engagement portrait like dark circles under the bride's eyes.
  • Eat: Skipping meals might seem like a good idea for the bride who wants to lose a few pounds, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Your overworked body needs that nourishment in order to maintain its energy and keep up with your jam-packed schedule. Eat, but eat healthfully.

There are more tips, so read more

Flowers 101: Daffodils

Posted By partysugar on Mar 29, 2007 at 9:58AM

What with the arrival of spring and the wedding season, I thought it was the perfect time to start my new weekly recurring feature, Flowers 101. Many brides and hostesses even have the perfect flower in mind for a wedding or centerpiece, but are heartbroken to find out that it is not in season. Imported flowers can be super expensive and I hope to help you avoid this mistake by educating you on various flower types. Let's start with a flower that just bloomed in my backyard: the daffodil. An early bloomer, daffodils herald the arrival of Spring in late February and early March. Also known as narcissus, there are over 25 various daffodil species. In your garden monitor the soil moisture and feed with all purpose bulb fertilizer. In an arrangement, place the stems in tepid water for a few hours to ensure they will live a long life. Daffodils pair nicely with tulips, grape hyacinths, and foliage plants. Quite tolerant of cold, daffodils grow in the full sun/part shade throughout most of the US with the exception of Florida. Their bulbs are quite durable and contain poisonous crystals that protect the flowers from being eaten by squirrels or rodents. They come in every hue of yellow (from lemon to goldenrod), snowy whites, rich creams, mandarin oranges, spring greens, apricots, and pinks - all of which would be beautiful in any bouquet.

Trend: Geeky Marriage Proposals

Posted By Tech on Mar 29, 2007 at 8:14AM

Everyone wants their proposal to be so memorable and creative that it won't be painful to repeat it 5,000 times in a lifetime. That is not always the case, but a few great geeky guys pulled it off this year - making waves in the blogosphere and proving that when it comes to your proposal, geek can be chic.

geeksugar readers meet Bjorn, a Computer Science student at Trinity Western University who proposed to his girlfriend Jenny using a Mac Dashboard widget. Many of you may remember Bjorn's cute geek love story from earlier this year. Jenny detailed the story on her blog saying:

He gave me his computer and actually told me his password (no I will NOT repeat it!), which is kind of a big deal because we had an argument about how he never tells me his passwords! then tells me to press F12 like a true Computer science major, and up pops a picture of the ring he’d bought for me, and a little proposal. He then got on his knees and confessed his true love for me.

Awwwwww. There's another geeky proposal, read more

Great TV Engagements: "Friends"

Posted By Entertainment on Mar 29, 2007 at 7:33AM

Every day this week, in honor of Engagement Week on the Sugar Network, I'll be featuring my favorite TV engagements, for better or for worse.

Of course, I couldn't overlook this classic moment when Monica proposes to her best friend, Chandler, on "Friends." At least, she starts to propose to him before getting all choked up and squealing "There's a reason why girls don't do this!" Chandler decides to take it from there.

Tragically, the only clip I could find on YouTube includes subtitles, but if you — like me — find this scene slightly nauseating, at least the subtitles might make you chuckle. If it makes you weepy, the subtitles shouldn't interfere too much, so read more